They trusted us

Spectralys Biotech is a ULB spin-off, which offers biomolecular analysis services to pharmaceutical companies. These services are based on advanced expertise in infrared spectroscopy. Several coaching sessions with WBC helped develop a strong commercial pitch that was presented at international biotech tradeshows. At each event, appointments with selected prospects were organized by WBC, resulting in the conclusion of interesting contracts with a Swiss customer and a French customer.

Allison Derenne

CEO at Spectralys Biotech

WBC and us, it’s a long story that started even before the creation of our company. What has enriched us a lot thanks to WBC is the general vision of their team, always challenging the most important issues, always trying to think out of the box and, above all, helping us remain positive during difficult times. WBC has given us unwavering confidence, which has allowed us to consolidate our position and to open up other perspectives in terms of both medical and business developments.

Khanh Tran Duy

Co-CEO at 3D-Side

Botalys was created in 2011 to develop a unique vertical farming platform to cultivate rare plants in fully-controlled hydroponic conditions. The market targeted by Botalys is the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry and our first product is a 100% natural and pure ginsenosides-enriched Ginseng. With time, the members of the WBC team have become trusted partners who know our case so well that we ask them for business advice very regularly. Their in-depth understanding of our project, as well as their wide experience acquired in other comparable cases, make them valuable partners for us, especially when it comes to coaching and financing support.

Paul-Evence Coppée

Co-CEO at Botalys

In addition to the usual export subsidies that are made available to any technology company in Belgium, the highly professional and expert support provided to us by WBC has been absolutely critical in the hiring process of our first business developer. The same can be said about how helpful WBC has been in the maturation of our integrated cell therapy platform toward commercialization. In this way, we were able to undertake our expansion abroad much more quickly.

Didier Serteyn

CEO at RevaTis

Alphabiotoxine is a company created in 2009 and specialized in the production of venoms for various applications, like pharmaceuticals, diagnostics or even cosmetics. Our specificity is the diversity of animal species for which we have dramatically improved venom extraction techniques. Starting in 2016, WBC has taken the necessary time to fully understand our business, with a detailed analysis of our different projects, in order to give us the most appropriate and practical advice regarding our marketing strategy and international representation.

Aude Violette

Chief Scientific Officer at Alphabiotoxine

BiomaRx is a precision medicine company spun out of Harvard Medical School with headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. Our primary product is a first-in-class diagnostics for early-stage detection of pancreatic cancer. WBC has provided valuable program management and extended introductions with key stakeholders, enabling us to obtain financial support for our development project in Europe. Working with consultants and entrepreneurs-in-residence pre-qualified by WBC was a great asset for us.

Roya Khosravi-Far

CEO at BiomaRx

BioGenCell is currently establishing the european hub for its medical operations in Belgium. Thanks to the professional and helpful guidance of WBC, our company was exposed to the major advantages offered by the walloon region to companies who, like us, are engaged in advanced cell therapy and regenerative medicine. WBC supported us throughout this challenging transition phase and made it easier for us to build a network of useful contacts with both public and private partners, to gain access to financing resources as well as to local managerial support.

Yael Porat

CEO & Founder at BioGenCell

WBC was able to put me in front of the right partners to make a smooth transition of my company from the US to Belgium. Additionally, WBC offered a substantial support in building my team and worked actively with us as an observer at my board of directors. My personal relationship with Franck Toussaint, team member at WBC, has been substantial to make our story happen. Franck has been a reliable and friendly contact all along the process.

Jean-Paul Rasschaert

CEO at Mitral Technologies

WBC has continuously added structuring value to our company through its international business and marketing support, generating at least one important contract for us. In addition, their network of biotech managers and mentors has allowed us to benefit from the precious experience of many of them to help us define and execute our commercial strategy. Without any doubt, WBC has been instrumental in helping us achieve an annual turnover of more than EUR 1 million within our third year of existence as a company.

Didier Argentin

CEO at Synabs