Strategic consulting services

At WBC Ventures, we offer strategic consulting services in international development to growing companies and their investment and industrialization partners. Our services are constantly improving and expanding so as to keep delivering the most suitable solution to our clients.


Our mission

Our mission is to create tremendous value for the global healthcare system and all its stakeholders by attracting selected international life sciences companies to the southern part of Belgium and enabling them to design and implement their most ambitious corporate strategy to conquer Europe.


Our methodology

WBC Ventures works on a case-by-case basis with foreign biotech and medtech companies to help them develop, manufacture and commercialize their products and services, each time in line with their own specific market demands, regulatory requirements and patient expectations.


Our scope

The life sciences industry landscape used to be defined as a fairly straightforward collection of companies active in the fields of biotech and medtech technologies, combined with other organizations either servicing or regulating them. Nowadays, everything in the world of healthcare innovation is in flux, with the rapid emergence of new players and new rules.


Our impact

The ultimate impact aimed by WBC Ventures is to maximize the chances of ambitious life sciences companies to reach patients in Europe so as to significantly improve their health and quality of life in a durable and sustainable perspective thanks to novel and affordable products and services. Seeing exciting inventions today become efficient solutions tomorrow is what motivates our strong commitment to helping international healthcare companies.


Our passion

We are passionate about delivering not just guidance and methodology but also fresh insights and bold approaches to international life sciences companies that are considering moving to Europe, adding high-value recommendations and unparallel collaborations on top of result-driven advices in clinical development and manufacturing options.


Our network

The many life sciences companies that we have contributed to create and finance over the past thirteen years are active in the many phases and milestones of the medical drug and device innovation value chain. While some of them are more focused on the early challenges of research and development, others are completing the final steps leading to the market, like manufacturing and logistics, while yet others provide services in regulatory affairs, clinical trials, process and data digitalization. Altogether, these companies form a tight mesh of collaborations and partnerships that we can help open to new synergies and new participants.


Our understanding

As a forward-looking and forward-thinking consulting firm, we are fully aware of how important completely new and disruptive tools and processes, like value-based medicine, patient-centricity, predictive models and digital advancements have become to the ever- changing and ever-growing world of healthcare.

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