Strategic consulting services

At WBC Ventures, we offer strategic consulting services in international development to growing companies and their investment and industrialization partners. Our services are constantly improving and expanding so as to keep delivering the most suitable solution to our clients.


Strategic consulting in internationalization

The services are structured into the following categories:

International investment analysis

We prepare investment analysis for different countries and regions, including market segmentation analysis, financial and tax projections, market entry scenarios and solutions.

International business development

We provide specialized coaching and assistance for marketing and business development teams. We also represent companies at various trade events and lead direct business contacts and negotiations.

International Supply Chain development

We help build supply chain organizations and identify the right suppliers and partners. We help with the design of integrated solutions, from procurement to logistics to distribution, and give strategic advice on how to build global operations.

International funds and grants analysis

We develop an in-depth analysis of grants, subsidies and non-dilutive cash opportunities that are available in different countries and help identify the best funding strategy with private and public actors.


International Managerial networking

With our long experience navigating in various international environments, we can act as network managers and create a significant advantage to health companies that need such services. We guide start-up and scale-up companies in their selection of the right ecosystem for their soft-landing in different countries and regions, according to their specific needs and product specialties.


Qualified mentoring

At WBC ventures, we work with trusted and experienced coaches and mentors who help our clients accelerate their business development. These highly qualified professionals typically possess:

  • Proven experience in managing and running businesses in healthcare
  • Extensive practical and commercial experience in selling healthcare products and services
  • Broad business leadership and governance experience with a commitment for success

Selected financing

At WBC Ventures, we understand the many challenges faced by innovative start-ups and scale-ups as well as those faced by the various players involved in the venture capital markets as they go through successive investment rounds going from seed to IPO.

Together, we prepare the business plan of our clients, with a focus on their value proposition and investment proposal, before contacting a curated selection of potential investors. We assist our clients during financing round negotiations to ensure a win-win and balanced transaction.


Scouting services

At WBC Ventures, we have accumulate 30 years of experience incubating companies and conducting global search and screening missions for cutting-edge technologies and merger-acquisition opportunities. We do this in collaboration with our strong network of partners and with the help of efficient data mining tools.

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